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Cultivation: easy

Seed Saving: beginner

Friariello – Curly Green Turnip from San Marzano (Brassica rapa var. sylvestis)

  • Friariello Broccolini - Curly Green Turnip from San Marzano (Brassica rapa var. sylvestis): the typical Broccoli from San Marzano is also called Friariello. It is a sixty days variety, particularly vibrant and loaded with inflorescences that gives it a richer flavour. Friariello can also be sown in spring but winter cultivation is the most popular.

    The name comes from the main preparation for which it is intended, sautéed with garlic and pepper, it is pleasantly bitter and has a fabulous scent, ir's also great with in pasta and pizza, often along with sausages but always with chili peppers.

     “Cime di Rapa”, even if known as broccoletti, differs from those in aging times and flavorur, depending on the specific variety. The Fasano is sweeter, the San Marzano more bitter, and the Chiacchetegli, typical of Lazio, is almost disappeared.

    For cultivation, it is useful to have an escalated sowing in order to have a longer harvest, such as the “Sessantina” (Sixty days)  and “Novantina” (ninety days to harvest).

  • When growing your own veggies, it is also important to know how to clean them, which is not always obvious, many enthusiasts are still not well aware of the process, and obviate the cleaning. Fortunately, broccoletti are amongst the easiest to treat.

    Clean the broccoli by removing the largest and most damaged leaves, cut the stems where they are the hardest, then wash them well. Once dried, they are ready to be cooked. The most typical recipe is to fry them in a pan with oil and pepper, but they can also be boiled first for a few minutes and then sautéed in a pan, this makes them “lighter”.

    They can, therefore, be used as pasta sauce, or, sautéed with sausage on pizza.

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