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Cultivation:  Easy

Seed Saving:  Beginner

Galapagos Tomato (Solanum cheesmaniae)

  • Galapagos Tomato (Solanum cheesmaniae): wild species from the Galapagos, the Darwin Islands. The species is perennial, cultivated like common tomatoes, it produces numerous, small tomatoes, of about 1cm in diameter - sometimes a bit more - and weights only a few grams. They are eaten like normal toomatoes, even if they taste different, less sweet but not at all acid. 

    It does not tolerate low temperatures well, but it has excellent resistance to fungal and plant diseases common to tomatoes. We keep some plants in the greenhouse (open laterrally for the summer period), and irrigate them with rain: the chismaniae plants have never suffered problems, on the contrary, they have proved to be particularly thriving, more than the ones planted in the open field. 

    It also has great tolerance to pot cultivation. A rare, tasty beauty not to be missed!