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Habanero Gambia Chili Pepper (Capsicum chinense)

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  • Habanero Gambia Chili Pepper (Capsicum chinense): a special pepper from Africa, conventionally categorized an habanero but it actually shows substantial differences to those. Its spice level is very high, to the point of almost beating the 1996 World Record winner, the Habanero Red Savina, with various sources attesting it to be between 350,000 amd 500,000 SHU. The plant reaches 1mt  high (if on the ground), and is very, very productive and, more importantly, rustic. It has fewer demands than the common Habanero, produces up to the arrival of the intense cold and doesn't fear full sun exposure. The berries are elongated, three-lobed, fleshy and vary from yellow to red. Unlike Habaneros, this is not very fruity, it's more smoky, more similiar to "local" peppers. Suitable for those who cultivate out of botanical interest, as well as for those who want to consume the spiciest and make their own sauces!

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