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15 Seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed Saving: intermediate

It needs a constant day temperature of 25° during germination

Habanero Red Savina Chili Pepper (Capsicum chinense)

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  • Habanero Red Savina Chili Pepper (Capsicum chinense): the hottest habanero cultivar, it held the Guinness world record from 1994 to 2007 when it was outclassed by the Ghost Pepper. This is the variety that gave birth to the competition for the record, after that many people got closer to cultivation and self-production of seeds. The fruits are fleshy, their colour range from dark orange to intense red, they have smooth skin, pointed oval shape, and are just over 500.000 SHU.

    This variety is also interesting in the kitchen, being very spicy but also aromatic it is perfectfor the production of spicy oil, or dry and ground for an explosive spice. This is certainly a cultivar for everyone, beginners and collectors who won't want to miss the first chili to win the Guinness World Records.

    In terms of the Chinense variety, it makes little sense to talk about or traditional seeds since, with only a few exceptions like the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, the continuous search for the spiciest one means that new ecotypes are constantly being developed; this, however, has propagated the techniques of seed production, even amongst amateurs, and has caused cultivation to become more and more popular lately.

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