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1 gm

Cultivation: easy

Seed saving: expert

Marjoram (Origanum majorana)

  • Marjoram (Origanum majorana): also called Marjoram Oregano, this particular aromatic herb brings a unique aroma camphor-like, sweet, almost fruity, however it can give a bitter sensation to the palate. Compared to common oregano, its smell is less penetrating, more delicate. It is original from Asia but is present in many Mediterranean recipies such as Provençal herbs.It is consumed both, fresh
     and dried, where it becomes even more delicate.
     It is a perennial species, during winter it needs only pruning because it restarts vigorously at the end of the cold. Fits well in pots. The only difficulty is in planting, because the seeds are really small, you will soon be able to use our
    free guide.
     To be sown in open field, in flowerbeds and it also does very well in pots, it prefers full sun exposure.

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