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20/25  Seeds

Coltivation: Easy

Seed Saving: Intermediate

Violet Eggplant from Firenze (Solanum melongena)

  • Violet Eggplant from Firenze (Solanum Melongena): “Violetta di Firenze” or “Tonda Fiorentina” (because of its round shape), an ancient Italian variety.

    Even though the plant isn't very productive , the fruits are of significant size, 700 gm and more. The  pulp is of the upmost quality, in fact, it doesn't oxidize much so the colour remains clear. Once cooked, its taste is still delicate, not bitter or acid. Its consistency is another positive feature, since it is compact and soft;  it remains good even in complicated recipes, and it's soft even in the quick ones, like frying.

    Cultivation is simple, it doesn't require much attention, however, rich soils always brings better flavours about. It is advisable to provide the stem with support, since the fruits are heavy and that weight might break the plant. It needs a space of 60 cm between plants, and 60 cm between rows. It is ready for consumption in about 60 days after transplant, to collect the seeds allow the best fruits from the best plants to reach full maturity, that is about 80 days after transplant depending on the temperature.

    Grow taste and tradition in your garden.

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