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15 Seeds

Coltivaztion: Medium

Seeds saving: Intermediate

Moscatello Melon (Cucumis melo)

  • Moscatello Melon (Cucumis melo): an ancient Italian variety recently recovered, it is typical from the Cremonese and Mantuan areas. The vigorous plant is productive, the fruits are round and large, reaching 3 kg. The skin, slightly ribbed, flaunts a glossy green colour which turns yellow when ripe. The pulp is avocado green, a mix of green and yellow. Very fragrant and sweet, particularly watery. The near disappearance of the variety was caused by its short shelf life, it doesn't last long once it's picked, therefore it is not suitable for large distribution; however, far from being a negative feature, it makes it a treasure, exclusive to those able to cultivate it.

    Moscatello needs an adequate water supply and well-worked soil. An Italian heirloom to be saved.

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