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Cultivation: easy

Seeds Saving: intermediate

Muscat Pumpkin from Nepal (Cucurbita moschata)

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  • Muscat Pumpkin from Nepal (Cucurbita moschata): a real beauty from the Far East! This variety is particularly sweet and aromatic, like nutmeg. The pulp is fibrous and delicious, even raw. The fruits are ribbed and hold velvety skin of pale pink colour, up to 4kg. The plant is very productive and easy to grow. Particularly rustic, not too vigorous, it does well even on soils that are not specially “suitable” (in any case, it is important to provide a good supply of phosphorus and potassium to favour taste and fruit setting).

    Compared to other varieties of the species, it tolerates temperature drops a lot better and is rather precocious, it takes only about 100 days from transplant. It keeps very well after harvest, even for a few months.

    Great for beginners and experts, and for areas with difficult climatic conditions.

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