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15 Seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed Saving: intermediate

Lemon Drop Chilli (Capsicum baccatum)

  • Lemon Drop or Hot Lemon Chili Pepper (Capsicum baccatum): beautiful variety from Ecuador. The pointed peppers reach 10 cm, and hold an intense yellow color. The spicy level is around 30,000 SHU, so it is edible but not in excess. The plant reaches 80 cm in height, vigorous and productive and specially decorative.
    Its beautiful colour and medium "spiciness" makes it an excellent ingredient in the kitchen, it can be consumed both, dry and in powder, it is also good fresh.
     It fits well in pots, it is important to provide at least 6 hours of direct light. It loves full sun exposure.
     This cultivar is strongly macro-thermal, it needs accurate temperatures.

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