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25 Seeds

cultivation: easy

seeds production: beginner 


Mortage Lifter Radiator Charlie Tomato (Lycopersicom lycopersicum)

  •  Mortage Lifter Radiator CharlieTomato (lycopersicom lycopersicum): this is the cultivar from where was born the “Mortage Lifter” or “Radiator Charlie”, a legendary tomato particularly famous in the middle east of the US. It took its name from the man who selected it, Mr. Byles , also said, Radiator Charlie as he wasn’t a farmer but a mechanic. He found out this spec by crossing four of the biggest tomatoes , the result was this fantastic tomato that made him quite rich also. Fruits are fleshy, pink-red color , can easily arrive from 1 to 2 kilos without losing anything in flavor. Plants are very productive, resistant to phyto -pathologies and to low temperatures also. Take this little story to tell in your garden

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