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15 seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed saving: intermediate

Purple Jalapeño (Capsicum annum)

  • Purple Jalapeño (Capsicum annuum): this ancient variety holds a beautiful dark purple color, approaching black, it produces large, fleshy berries that hold the typical intense spice of Jalapeños, it is  about 10,000 SHU. The plant is large and productive, it loves the sun which causes fruits to get darker, in fact, compared to others of the species it tolerates higher sun exposure or "sunstroke". It is an
     early plant,  fruits ripe 75 days after transplanting.
     In the kitchen you can consume them both, raw and cooked where it gives it best because shape and size renders them specially good for stuffing.
    The plant also has an ornamental function, it is perfect on the balcony as well as in the field.
    It should be eaten when it is dark purple, whereas for the seeds, it should be kept until full ripening when it acquires shades of red.

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