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Cultivation: Easy

Seeds production: Intermediate


White Turnip (Brassica rapa)

  • White Turnip (Brassica rapa): heirloom variety,  the real, real Turnip. It's white, big, slightly sweet, extremely rustic, and doesn't fear cold weather, i does really well even in unfertilized soils.

    We love this product for its simplicity.

    To be sown from summer to autumn, preferring the latter. It germinates quickly at temperatures above 15°C. It needs constant irrigation during germination and development, autumn rains will hence be useful. To be harvested after around 3 months. After harvest, it can be stored for long periods.

    In order to get the seeds, it will be necessary to leave some plants until the next spring.

    This vegetable is entirely edible, from the leaves to the roots and it has been used during wars and famines throughout history.

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