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50 seeds
cultivation: Easy
seeds saving: Intermediate 


Rapunzel (Campanula rapunculus)

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  • Rapunzel (Campanula Rapunculus): Italian herbal plant not widely cultivated anymore; in the past it was very popular to use its leaves and roots, its flowers can be eaten or used ornamentally  thanks to its lilac color.

    Roots can get to 10cm long, fleshy and with a characteristic fresh, sweet taste. Thanks to its multiples functions (full of prebiotics and fitioterapich properties, high in vit. C, useful as analgesic and anti inflammatory) it was mainly used for medicinal purposes.

    To be sow from spring to September and consumed in autumn and  winter. The only difficulty is in the size of the seeds, they are really small!

    The collection of the seeds can be done the next spring after the sowing. The lilac flowers will produce lots of seeds, let them dry far from the sun and then sift them with a very small sieve.

    A little story, this is the plant that inspired the Grimm’s on writing Rapunzel, the fairy tale. Grow magic in your garden!

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