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Japanese Daikon Radish (Raphanus sativus)

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  • Japanese Daikon Turnip (raphanus sativus) : heirloom Japanese variety becoming more and more popular in Italy.  It is easy to sow even directly on the ground, between early spring and end of summer, it is ready in about 4 months, when it reaches 40cm long, and 3/4cm diameter. Cultivation needs a loose, well-worked soil and a good irrigation that avoids stagnation so the root does not break. Fertilizers should not be used either, since it may ruin the roots by inducing the formation of beards.
    It remains tender in spit of its size, it is also spicey but not too much. It can be consumed raw and cooked, and it's great for soups. Its nutritional properties are great, since it has lots fiber and potassium for very few calories.