50 seeds

Coltivation: easy

Seeds saving: intermediate

Red Cabbage (Brassica oleracea):

  • Red Cabbage (Brassica oleracea): traditional, medium-size d cabbage, rich in anthocyanins. It is resistant
    to cold, undemanding, very easy to grow, and even more
    to include in every day dishes. To better make use of its nutrients it should be consumed raw, it will provide every dish with colour, texture and a feeling of freshness. It can be sown in both, spring and in autumn.  However, we also recommende summer sowing  for a winter harvest. As it is undemanding you can
    use the residual fertilization of the
    summer garden, without having to make any changes.  The recommended area is 50cm between plants and 50 cm between rows. To reproduce the seeds, allow the best plants to fully develop and provide brown pods which will be filled with seeds, collect them and keep them in a dry, shaded, well-aired place away from humidity until it is sowing season again. Thans to your own selection, every year you will get plants that are more and more suited to your particular climate, soil and cultivation techniques. Great for salads!