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100 seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed saving: Expert

Shortday variety

Red Onion from Toscana (Allium cepa)

  • Red Onion from Toscana (Allium cepa L.): this beautiful variety has been kindly bequeathed to us by Mr. Daniele Albanese, which he kept and cared for, along with the Bombolino Tomato from Toscana, for many years in his garden. It has now been 3 years  and it is finally ready for distribution. It seems to be an ancient red onion variety  from Firenze, it is large and holds intense flavour, but poor shelf life. It belongs to the group of short-day onions, the bulb develops with reduced hours of light and it is meant to be consumed in spring, it overcomes winter
    . Compared to current Tuscan onions (important to remember that Daniele has kept it for over half a century) this variety produces very large heads, with strong taste, less sweet.

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