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Rue (Ruta graveolens)

  • Rue (Ruta graveolens): the common Rue is a spontaneous widespread in the Mediterranean basin, in Italy it can be found in all regions except the islands, where it is widespread only in very restricted territories. The plant is perennial,  it has no need for irrigation except in particular conditions of prolonged drought. It withstands low temperatures well, it appreciates a small trimming in spring so it grows more vigorously
    . Young leaves are consumed, the aroma and taste are intense, with balsamic nuances, bitter. Used for the aromatization of alcohols, grappa (Italian traditional) specially, it can also elevate raw preparations and cheeses.
    In the past, it was widely used as a medicinal plant, it was attributed lots of diverse properties: healing, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory; it was also used for the farming of fungi and snakes.
     It is a plant of small dimensions, about 80cm high by 30cm wide. As many other aromatics this one is perennial: which must be considered when you planted, full sun exposure is prefered.
     In the wild it grows up to 1000 meters.
     The rut grows well in pots, where it clearly needs irrigation but only when the substrate is completely dry.

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