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500 Seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed Saving: beginner

Water Requirement: 1

San Lorenzo Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus)

  • Rio San Lorenzo Amaranth (Amaranthus hypochondriacus): amongst the ones in our collection, this is the one with the least water requirements, suitable even for the hottest, driest climates. It is an undemanding plant, just like the other two, even in terms of soil -provided that it is well worked so to allow a correct development and to avoid stagnation during the last phases of the plants. Cultivation requires no further attention. It holds great nutritional qualities; it is completely edible: seeds and leaves which taste similar to spinach; it is necessary to pick them while still tender, before flowering (40-60 days from sowing). The seeds, used in many different recipes, even baking, have high protein content, 13 gm per 100, 26 of carbohydrates and 7 of fiber, amaranth is gluten free. The Rio San Lorenzo reaches 2 mt height, the leaves are light green, tend to thicken in water shortage, so if cultivated for dry farming (without water) it must be taken into account for consumption. The panicle (inforescence) is large and displays a slightly erect posture, and a red colour with yellow stripes. It has megathermal needs - it is sown from April to June in the South - it takes two months to harvest the leaves, then a long flowering begins,  and it takes about 100 more days to harvest the seeds. Once ready, the seeds can be collected by sieving them to separate them from the vegetable residues. The seeds take a while to disperse so they tolerate the inexperience of the one who cultivates for the first time.

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