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Cultivation: easy

Seed saving: beginner

Sodoma's Apple (Solanum linnaeanum Hepper & P.-M.L. Jaeger, 1986)

  • Sodoma's Apple (Solanum linnaeanum Hepper & P.-M.L. Jaeger, 1986): this interesting solanace comes from South Africa but is now naturalized in all coastal areas of our peninsula. It is mainly found in the Gargano area where, along with other species, it forms impenetrable hedgerows . The fruit, of small size, about 3 cm in diameter very similar to the most ancestral eggplants, such as the Asian green one, we cultivate it out of botanical interest, in fact, its high solanine content makes it toxic to the human organism. The plant has erect shrub bearing, reaches the meter of height, its branches filled with thorns are loaded, from June to November, with fruits and flowers, the former ones are a beautiful green with white stripes, the latter ones, are practically identical to those of eggplants. It is particularly ornamental because of the contrast provided between the dark green leaves and the yellow fruits (when ripe).Cultivated in pots and kept away from winter frost it survives for a few years but can be safely treated as an annual. For the more experienced cultivators, it can be used as an excellent grafter for solanaceae (specially eggplants). It is sown in spring and planted directly on the soil, it stands until the arrival of the first frost. It has very few water requirements, it is also suitable for succulent or Mediterranean gardens.

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