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25 seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed saving: beginner

Solanum mammosun L.

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  • Solanum Mammous L.: subtropical shrub-like plant of interesting characteristics, primarily ornamental, the plant exceeds the meter displays beautiful violet flowers in the shape of a star,  fruits grow in clusters and take various shades of yellow, depending on maturity. It is the fruits that hold the most important features: they are similar to the cow's udder or, there are those who say, to a fox's snout, they contain numerous alkaloids and a discreet content of saponin. In fact, the fruit was processed, juice extracted and used as a laundry detergent. Native to South America, it is extremely rustic, and, as it is widespread in many countries around the world, it has practically a different name in each of them. It often has an apotropaic value, in Taiwan it is a symbol of good luck while in mainland China, during the New Year it is used to create vases: the more protuberances it has, the more generations of the family will live in harmony and serenity. Attention must be paid because all the components of the fruit are toxic.
     If protected from frosts, the plant can be grown as a perennial.

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