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100 seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seeds production: beginners 


Savoia's Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)

  • Savoia Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum): a real rarity rescued from the now dismantled greenhouse of Turin.

    We got to enjoy this product again thanks to Lorenzo, from La Tana dell 'Orso farm, who recovered the seeds and shared them with us to reproduce, preserve and distribute them.

    Tobacco, according to the few sources at our disposal since we are still doing research on it, is a Virginia Bright, that is, light leaf, used shreded for pipes. The plant is vigorous, providing about 50 leaves including the apices, and reaches a height of about 1.80 meters. The plant has no particular soil needs, our cultivation was carried out on a medium kneading/sandy soil, not cultivated for a few years, it was worked with subsoiler followed by milling, the transplant occurred 25 days after sowing. All the cultivation of about 500 plants, has always been thriving and no difficulties were present.

    The Savoia Royal Tobacco  is one of those varieties at risk of disappearance that is why we are interested on its saving, cultivation and distribution.

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