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Savoia's Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum)

  • Savoia's Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum): a real rarity from the now dismantled greenhouse in Turin.

    We returned to enjoy this product thanks to Lorenzo, from  La Tana dell'Orso farm, who recovered the seeds and shared them with us to reproduce, store and distribute them.

    Tobacco, according to the few sources available at the moment, is a Virginia Bright; light-leaved, used as a pipe cut. The plant is vigorous, bears about 50 leaves including the apical ones, and reaches a height of about 180 cm. The plant has no particular soil requirements, the cultivation was carried out on a medium-textured / sandy soil, not cultivated for some years, worked with sub soiling followed by milling and transplanting 25 days after sowing. The whole cultivation of about 500 plants has always been luxuriant and has not presented any difficulties.

    We will update the card as soon as we have more news of this heirloom.