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10 Seeds

Coltivation: Easy


Important note: it easily hibridizes with corn, mind the distance between the species 

Teosinte (Zea mexicana)

  • Teosinte (Zea mexicana): about 7000-9000 years ago, in the Mexican Sierra Madre, this herbaceous plant was transformed into what would become the fourth largest crop in the world.

    Corn has fed billions of people by evolving into hundreds of cultivars with the most diverse shapes and characteristics.

    Thanks to a particular gene that regulates the secondary ramifications of the plant, it was possible to select current corn varieties. It is edible but has no valuable organoleptic characterisitics, it hybridizes with Zea mais.

    We grow it as a tribute to Meso American populations.

    This is a highly microthermal plant hence it germination temperatures should be minded; it does not require particular attention during the crop cycle, and has reduced water requirements. “Rise up, corn man!”.

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