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20/25 seeds
Cultivation: easy 
Seeds saving: beginner 


Mexicali Tomatillo ( Physalis ixocarpa )

  • Mexicali Tomatillo ( Physalis ixocarpa ): this is a pretty interesting variety from Mexico. The plant has bushy bearing, and beautiful green leaves, it can get to about a meter in height. It is very productive, provides numerous green fruits of the size of a tomato, to which it is very similar in  shape. The Tomatillos are wrapped in paper-like skin, which protects them until they mature. Its acid taste makes it a great ingredient for delicious sauces, and offer exotic culinary ideas towards new flavors. It is grown as tomatoes are, but lacks the perfect flowers, therefore it is necessary to have more plants for pollination. It cannot stand frost and it is advisable to transplant it when temperatures are milder. The plant is rustic and very resistant to phytopathologies and parasites. It is useful to provide it with support because of the weight of the fruit. Mexicali is the largest and most productive of the tomatillo varieties.

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