20/25 Seeds 

Cultivation: very easy 

Seeds saving: beginner 


Queen of Malianco Tomatillo (Physalis ixocarpa)

  • Tomatillo Queen of Malianco (Phylasis ixocarpa): heirloom and very rare variety from the city of Malinalco, in the South West of Mexico. Like the other Tomatillos, the plant has bushy habit, is rustic and loves heat. The fruits are abundant, lemon-yellow colored, reaching 10cm in length, have a strong smell similar to the one of hazelnuts and are covered with a paper-like "shell" us  the other tomatillos and physalis.  Their taste is very sweet, not acidic at all, they can be eaten cooked like tomatoes and reduced in a nice sauce with a fruity flavor. Ready in just over two months from transplantation. This kind in particular  is THE SWEETEST OF the species and is very good eaten raw.  A New, exotic , fabulous taste.