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20/25 Seeds 

Cultivation: Very easy 

Seeds saving: Beginner 


Queen of Malianco Tomatillo (Physalis ixocarpa)

  • Tomatillo Queen of Malianco (Phylasis ixocarpa): heirloom and very rare variety from the city of Malinalco, in the South West of Mexico. Like the other Tomatillos, the plant has a bushy habit, it is rustic and loves heat. The fruits are abundant, lemon-yellow colored, reaching 10cm in length, they are extremely aromatic,  a bit like hazelnuts, and are covered with a paper-like "shell" just like  the other tomatillos and physalis.  Their taste is very sweet, not acidic at all, they can be eaten cooked like tomatoes and reduced in a nice sauce with a fruity flavour. Ready in just over two months from transplantation. This variety in particular  is THE SWEETEST OF the species and is very good eaten raw.  A New, exotic , fabulous taste.

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