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Cultivation: Easy

Seeds Saving: Beginner

Wasabi (Wasabia japonica)

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  • Wasabi (Wasabia japonica): the plant from which the famous green paste that goes with Sushi and Sashimi is obtained. Even though it is very easy to grow, it does not like excessive temperatures, so it should be grown in the autumn-winter period, or in cold climate areas.  The plant has a bushy habit, it produces an edible, large, emerald-green tuber; Its flavour is not too intense, very similar to radish. Because of the root size it needs a loose or well-worked soil to allow its development. It germinates as fast as it grows, it reaches 1mt in height. The famous spicy paste  is made out of  the stem (not from the root as it is often believed). The plant is biennial, and the seeds, that come within pods as radishes, will appear the spring following sowing.

  • Wasabi is mainly grown in Europe's cold weather areas, even in Iceland! This product It is natural from Japan, but has recently become popular in Europe since its cultivation is highly profitable; it's easy to grow and very affordable, it doesn't have any special requirements whereas it is really profitable, 3 Oz (100 gr) of stem can be sold for up to 35 €. In fact, all parts of the plant can be sold, the leaves for up to 70€  a Kg, and the flowers are worth up to 70€ a lb.

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