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25 seeds

Cultivation: extremely easy

Seed saving: beginner

Wild Tomatillo (Physialis ixocarpa)

  • Wild Tomatillo (Physialis ixocarpa):  this new variety is our pride and joy, it is not only pretty but very productive, rustic, and extremely resistant to harsh conditions. Tomatillos are also known as Miltomatl in Nahuatl, Native Mexican people, and there are evidences that they were collected and cultivated by Mayas and Aztecas. This vegetable grows in all kinds of soils and climates for long periods, their only enemy is the frost. This wild variety grows along the slopes of the Pacífico coast, in the beautiful, extremely biodiverse Oaxaca, its home. The plant reaches a little more than 1 mt, fruits loaded with seeds, cultivated as an annual in Europe. In Mexico it is consumed whole, fruits , roots, and leaves since it is attributed many different properties: medicinal, ornamental, industrial, ceremonial and, it is obviously edible, it is very tasty and perfect for sauces, it is less sweet than other tomatillos, and has that tip of wild than cannot be defined with words, almost umami. Do not miss the latest addition to our Tomatillo collection, unique in Europe!

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