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10 seeds

Coltivation: easy

seeds saving: intermediate 

Yoeme Kama Pumpkin (Cucurbita argyrosperma)

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  • Yoeme Kama pumpkin (Cucurbita argyrosperma): rare species of pumpkin of the Yaqui natives, who compete with the Hopi for the title of most important grower among the indigenous Amerindians. The argynosperma species, commonly called mixta, comes from southern Mexico where is cultivated in particular for the seeds, which are consumed roasted and, thanks to the laxative and vermifuge action, in preparations for phytotherapy, a practice still in use throughout the country of origins. Flesh is edible, with a neutral flavor and not sweet at all . The buds and flowers are also consumed, like the other pumpkin species of the Cucurbita genus. The maturation is long, about 120 days from transplanting, on the other hand the plant is less demanding than normal pumpkins for the soil and water needs, it can be grown dry. A rarity from the people of Don Juan Matus.

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