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15 seeds

Cultivation: easy

Seed saving: intermediate

Zapatillo de Tronco Avocado Pumpkin (Cucurbita

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  • Zapallito de Tronco - Avocado Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima): a real botanical rarity, a cucurbita maxima to be consumed like a zucchini! This rare, beautiful variety is, of course, Latin American, specifically from Argentina (although there are records of it in Mexican archeological sites as old as 10,000 years old ) It is commonly called avocado pumpkin: immature harvest (like zucchini) has the color and consistency similar to the pulp of the fruit. It tastes sweet, its texture is buttery, really special. It can also be consumed when ripe, when the pulp turns orange and sweet, with a compact texture, no filaments. The plant has bushy habit, it reaches 1 mt height, very productive and we did not observe any specific water requirements, when cultivated in full sun it tolerated the heat extremely well. The pumpkins reach a maximum of one kilogram of weight, the skin is thin and leathery, it does not always change color when ripe, remaining an intense green. It keeps well after harvesting. The cultivation space is 80x80cm. Maturation occurs within 90 days of transplant.
    Gastronomically speaking, it has no competition: as a zucchini it can be consumed raw in salads (extraordinary taste and texture), as a pumpkin (full maturation)it allows for many preparations, Italian traditional ones: creams, cakes, baked and, of course, Latin American ones where it is cooked whole and then consumed as desert (not only in Argentina but also in Mexico, where it is widespread). New tastes for chefs and cooking enthusiasts, an ode to sustainability because of ease of cultivation. Not to be missed


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