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Seed Saving: Intermediate

Bottle or Pellegrino Pumpkin (Lagenaria siceraria)

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  • Bottle or Pellegrino Pumpkin (Lagenaria siceraria): this heirloom plant produces particular fruits not suitable for consumption but for various practical uses, once the pumpkin is dried, it can be used as a water container, hence the name The Pilgrim.

    Original from Asia where it was used as a container, for medicines first, and then for wine . The Lagenaria species are the only pumpkins that could be found in Europe before the discovery of the New World.

    The plant is vigorous and grows fast, it is great for pergolas. Its cultivation as climbing causes pumpkins to take different shapes.

    The white, inedible flowers will follow the pumpkins, they can be harvested when they begin to lighten, and the membrane that holds the seeds has deteriorated.

    The seeds are not edible, neither is the squash. It doesnt have as many soil needs as normal pumpkins, and its water requirements are also low.

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