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15 seeds
Cultivation: easy

Seeds saving: intermediate

Black Futsu Pumpkin (Cucubita moschata)

  • Black Futsu Pumpkin (Curcubita moschata): a black squash of exotic, unique flavour. It is, along with the Potimarron, the best of the variety, with rich and complex flavour, similar to almonds and hazelnuts. The pulp displays a bright orange, being a moschata it is suitable for cakes and stuffing, however, it is less fibrous than others in the species, and it is also used raw in salads. The wrinkled skin goes from black to dark pink, it keeps well after harvest, if stored in a cool dry place, even until spring.

    It is an ancient heirloom from Japan cultivated since around the 17th century, it is popular around Asia and becoming notorious all-around Europe and USA in markets and home gardens because of its great characteristics, taste, and versatility; it is also used with ornamental purposes because it fills fall with colour, and its rough look is PERFECT for Halloween celebrations.

    The plant is not very productive and prefers a rich soil. It is one of the first we grew, and one of our favourites.

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