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15 Seeds

Cultivation: Easy

Seed Saving: Beginner

Snake Pumpkin (Langeria longissima)

  • Snake Pumpkin (Langeria longissima): this variety grown mainly in Sicily has a climbing habit and is used to cover pergolas.

    It is undemanding and very productive; it can also be eaten before it reaches full maturity, up to the size of about 40 cm, as a zucchini.

    If allowed to develop on the ground, it will produce different shapes and different lengths. It is an edible Lagenaria, very few of this species are.

    Used for mostly practical or ornamental purposes, such as for artifacts (Hopi Rattle Pumpkin) or for liquid containers (Pilgrim’s Bottle Pumpkin), sometimes rituals (Peyote Ceremonial pumpkin), and even the prevention of wildlife damage (Mayo Giant Pumpkin).

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