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cultivation : Easy 

seeds production : Intermediate 


Yokohama Pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata)

  • Pumpkin Yokohama (Cucurbita moschata): heirloom variety from Japan, naturalized American now. Although it disappeared for about  a century, it has recently been reintroduced and recovered in the US (see the section below for more detailed info). It is quite small, a bit ribbed, and shaped like a spinning top. The skin is thick and green, the pulp is golden yellow – sometimes green. It has a complex taste, not easily describable, exotic almost . The fruits can be stored for a long time tanks to its leathery skin. The plant is rustic, quite productive, and very tasty.

  • The commercial exchanges between US and Japan started in 1850, right there, plants and fruits also started being exchanged.  The Yokohama Pumpkin showed up then, a strong winter vegetable developed trough centuries thanks to a meticulous selection made by Japanese gardeners .