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10 Seeds 

cultivation: Easy 

seeds production: Intermediate 


Pantesca (Cucurbita pepo)

  •  Pantesca (Cucurbita pepo):   An important, exquisite variety from the beautiful Island of Pantelleria. The Cuccùzza Pantisca, widespread on the island, is the protagonist of many traditional dishes, along with capers; they are a cornerstone of Pantelleria`s agriculture and cuisine. In this variety, the influence of the low altitude and the proximity to Africa are really visible, the plant tolerates high temperatures well, it is precocious but, above all, it is the ecotype of the species with less water needs. It is, in fact, grown dry, that is, without irrigation. The seeds of Pantesca Zucchini have been reproduced by local farmers and passed on thanks to them. A rare Italian excellence.

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