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20 seeds
cultivation: easy
seeds saving: intermediate

Disco or Patisson Zucchini (Cucurbita pepo)

  • Disco Patisson Courgette (Cucurbita pepo): heirloom variety  cultivated by Northern Native Americans for hundreds of years, it was brought into Europe only after 1591. It is splendid as an ornamental plant because it produces disc-shaped fruits, but it is also very tasty, a bit like an artichoke, and its pulp is very consistent.

    As for all Cucurbitas of the Pepo species (zucchinis/courgettes), the fruits should be eaten when they are still immature, we recommend harvesting them when the diameter does not exceed 12 cm and the shape is still round, otherwise it becomes too hard for consumption.
    To harvest the seeds, keep the fruits of the best plants until completely ripe, 25 cm in diameter and a flatter shape with very marked edges. At home, the planting space must be at least 80 cm between the plants and the same between the rows. Ready for consumption in 45-60 days.

  •  In order not to throw away the large Patissons left for seeding, they can be used as serving dishes, as portrayed by the Agriturismo Poggio Diavolino in Suvereto (LI) 



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