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10 of the most resistant varieties that are also very easy to cultivate, all different and traditional from Italy and the World. For a complete garden of about 120 sq mt, it saves 30% more than if buying them all separetely.

They come in a special jute gift bag treated with Laurel to store the seeds. 


15,40 €Precio
  • Each juta bag treated with essential oils includes a bag of:

    It also includes a sachet of desiccant natural clay to remove moisture away from the seeds and allow for longer conservation.

    All of our seeds are reproducible and non-GMO, no F1

  • This bundle is suitable for beginners and for those who want the least effort maintaing taste and quality. This is the collection of the most rustic and productive varieties that will allow gardeners to get away with a few shortcomings.

    A complete vegetable garden including sauce and salad tomatoes, melons, watermelons, eggplants, peppers, beans, and pumpkins. It won't be completely effortless, but a little of healthy work never hurt anyone! These varieties have less irrigation and soil requirements than others in their species, a guaranteed productive garden for those starting in the cultivation world and those who occasionally allow themsleves a siesta too many.

     Starting with the Piennolo tomato from Vesuvius that will provide tasty sauces and which you can keep until winter. Then, fabulous salads or very fresh sandwiches with the Genovese Ribbed tomato, an ancient resistant and productive variety.

    Next, the Carosello Cucumber from Apulia suitable for any climate, along with the highly resistant Cuban Black Bean, selected among the difficulties of the Embargo. Also, one of the tastiest watermelons the Hopi Yellow, from the agriculturally wealthy People of Peace, selected for its rusticity in extremely difficult climatic areas, as well as the Casaba melon, with a lemon aftertaste and very limited water requirements.

    We moved to one of the most beautiful eggplants in the world, the Purple Thai, it is ribbed and holds a bright purple colour and white, tasty pulp. 

    Back to Italy, we have the Red or Yellow Pepper from Asti, very good and resistant to plant diseases.

    Finally, the cherry of the pie, a beautiful pumpkin that we have been growing for years, the The Musquèe du Maroc; highly productive, of intense flavour, and the least fibrous of the species.

    These will let you get away with more than a few days without water. The painting in this bundle reproduces Caravaggio's "Fruit Basket".

    All our seeds are natural and reproducible, our special bag treated with Laurel can be used to safely store seeds until sowing time.

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