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10 Ancient Varieties, all different and traditional from Italy and the World. For a complete garden of about 150 sq mt, it saves 30% more than if buying them all separetely.

They come in a special jute gift bag treated with Laurel to store the seeds.


  • Each juta bag treated with essential oils includes a bag of:

    It also includes a sachet of desiccant natural clay to remove moisture away from the seeds and allow for longer conservation.

    All of our seeds are reproducible and non-GMO, no F1

  • For everyone! the lovers of the prince of gardens, collectors, for those wanting to start their own seed collection or those looking for a unique, prestigious gift. Ten varieties of the most representative (and tasty) of the species.

    First, one of the most sought after Italian tomatoes, the Siccagno from Sicily, famous because of its great flavour and very few water demands. Then, we have a recently discovered King Umberto or Fiascone, one of the varieties from which the late San Marzano was selected.

    Satiating the craving for local varieties, we begin a journey towards the roots of the species: the Indigo varieties, the most ancient ones. Blueberry intense colour gifted by an important amount of anthocyanins, also present in the Indigo Striped in large amounts; an explosion of colour and taste not easily found.

    To stay on the rare varieties track, we have the Navajo Indian Moon, from the indigenous Amerindians to the most curious and demanding farmers. This variety is yellow, ribbed and holds a sweet, exotic flavour. Also from the USA, the Watermelon Beefstake, beautiful, full of colour and flavour.

    Next on our series we go from a giant to the best of the cherry tomatoes, the Black Cherry, black, very sweet, crunchy and incredibly tasty. It can be eaten straight from the plant since it is hard to wait until it is on the plate. Still in the little ones range, the Yellow Pear besides being pretty, the plant is very productive so it will fill your garden of small, bright yellow pear-like fruits. Then, the unique Old Ivory Eggs, from Australia, a very special variety with delicate, sweet taste and fine skin, almost dessert.

    To finish our fabulous collection, the Wild Tomato, not really a tomato - Solanum pimpinellifolium - though it looks like one. A cascade of crunchy red drops; great taste, extremely rare. The plant is robust, immune to apical rot, and particularly resistant to fungal diseases, it wins the heart of even the most strict enthusiasts.

    This bundle makes for a unique gift, suitable to anyone, beginners to experts, and highly appreciated by everyone. All our seeds are natural and reproducible, our special bag treated with Laurel can be used to safely store seeds until sowing time.

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