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10 rare varieties, traditional from Italy and the World, all suitable for vase cultivation. For a complete garden of about 120 sq mt, it comes 30% less as opposite to buying them all separetely.

They come in a special jute gift bag treated with Laurel to store the seeds.


  • Each juta bag treated with essential oils includes a bag of:

    It also includes a sachet of desiccant natural clay to remove moisture away from the seeds and allow for longer conservation. 

  • Over the years we have had multiple requests for varieties that can be grown in pots, hence we have carefully selected the most suitable ones. Our research has provided us with the most prolific and rare varieties that are exceptionally resistant to the stress that pot cultivation entails while remaining tasty and more importantly for this bundle, BEAUTIFUL. This is the collection for a tasty breathtaking garden that will also colour your days.

    We start with the Wild Tomato, a cascade of tiny red drops full of flavour, highly resistant to fungal diseases and water stress, this one is a guaranteed success, it tastes like a tomato with a surprising twist. Another "tomato", even if technically isn't one: the Tomato from Galapagos, from the Darwin islands, an amazing species because of beauty and rusticity; the berries are small and display an intense yellow that will defintely paint the balcony, the taste is close to the one of tomato but with an exotic component, the only problem is to stop yourself from eating them all as soon as ready.

    To enhance all of your recipes, the very aromatic Greek Basil, which shape will embellish any vase. Moving into the "smallest ones" that often means "less demanding", we have the Paris Market carrot, an ancient variety with the size of a large cherry, it is very fast and can be eaten whole, a single bite of crunchy sweetness.

    They can all be placed under the shade of the Mayan Gherkin or Cucamelon, the smallest cucumber in the world, highly resistant to cucumber pathologies (because it is actually a different genus) and vigorous, provided a pergola, it will climb up filling the space with small jagged leaves and yellow flowers; a unique pairing with the  purple ones of the Pumpkin Tree, its fruits are shaped like small pumpkins and display a beautiful orange colour.

    To provide a new twist to your recipies, the Lao aubergine, as big as an apple, it displays a beautiful white colour that becomes yellow when fully ripe, the very white pulp is sweet and compact, the plant is early and productive. Next on our collection, a little rarity, the Mango Melon, the oldest and smallest known melon, very fragrant, a couple of fruits are enought to fill a room of a sweet, fresh aroma, so imagine what a few plants loaded with fruits could do to your balcony.

    Still searching for colour and taste, we bring the beautiful Mini Bells, miniature peppers. The plant produces them in many different colours so pretty that they seem fake, the flavour though, lets you know they aren't, they are amazing even raw, crunchy and light. To complete this exclusive selection and include some freshness, there is an amazing carmine red lettuce, the Lollo, a worthy end to a fabulous terrace.

    Growing in pots is becoming increasingly popular, on our collection "Winter on the Balcony" you will find more fabulous varieties to complete your garden. 

    All our seeds are natural and reproducible, our special bag treated with Laurel can be used to safely store seeds until sowing time.

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